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Hin hliðin – Nik Sheila Chamberlain

Nú að lokinni riðlakeppni hjá Huginsmönnum er tilvalið að kíkja á hina hliðina hjá fyrirliða liðsins, Nik Chamberlain.

Fullt nafn / Full name:  Nik Anthony Chamberlain

Gælunafn sem þú þolir ekki / A nickname you can´t stand:  I can’t give you one I don’t like as I like them all, so I’ll give you the one I like the most.  I’ve been called “Sheila” since I was about 14 at home as my nan knitted me a sweater which I wore and it had her name as a label and when my friends saw it they started calling me “Sheila” from then on.

Aldur / Age:  25

Giftur / í sambandi (Married/In a relationship): In a relationship

Börn / Kids?: None that I know of

Kvöldmatur í gær / Last dinner: Haddock, boiled potatoes and steamed veg

Uppáhalds matsölustaður / favorite restaurant: Garret’s… It’s a posh little place I went to once in Montgomery when I was at school there.

Hvernig bíl áttu / Car?:  Yamaha Vino 150CC… I love a Scooter

Besti sjónvarpsþáttur / Favorite TV show:  Game of Thrones

Uppáhalds hljómsveit / Fave band:  Take That (that’s an easier question to answer than my name)

Uppáhalds skemmtistaður / Fave club/pub/etc: Laran when it’s not burnt down

Frægasti vinur þinn á Facebook / most famous Fb friend:  Joel Lynch… He plays for Nottingham Forrest and Wales

Hvernig hljómar síðasta sms sem þú fékkst / Last text you received:
From Boddi “Call me maybe?”
Hefurðu tekið dýfu innan teigs / Ever dived in the penalty box?:  Only in my own

Hvaða mark sem þú hefur skorað er í uppáhaldi, hvers vegna? / Do you have a favorite goal, and why? The winner against Einherji in the last minute.  We had just fought back from 3-2 down with Marko Polo scoring to make it 3-3 and I tapped in from about 4 yards to make it 4-3.  Not a great goal by any means but the importance of that goal gave us our first win and kick started our win streak of 7 games.


Hvaða liði myndir þú aldrei spila með / which team would you never play with:   Leiknir F.

Besti leikmaður sem þú hefur mætt / best player you´ve played against:  When I was playing in America I played against a couple of full internationals for Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti and Botswana.  The best was Ricardo Pierre-Louis for Haiti.

Mest óþolandi leikmaður sem þú hefur mætt / most annoying opponent:  No one sticks to mind as I’m usually the one who does all the annoying.

Sætasti sigurinn / sweetest victory: When I played for AUM in America we beat Lindsey Wilson (most successful NAIA team) on two occasions which I thoroughly enjoyed.  The first was at their place when we beat them 2-1 in golden goal over time Hjortur Hjartarson scoring two screamers and the second was in the National Tournament in 2007 again the score was 2-1.

Áttu þér einhverja hjátrú varðandi knattspyrnuiðkun? / are you superstitious at all regarding football?:  I am but I’m not going to tell you what I do.

Mestu vonbrigðin / most disappointing moment in football (or otherwise):  Losing in the semi-final of the National Tournament in 2007 as we were the best team left and last year in my last game for AUM we lost on penalties in a game that would have taken us to the National Tournament.

Uppáhalds lið í enska / Favorite team in England:  Man Utd

Ef þú fengir að velja einn leikmann úr öðru íslensku liði í þitt lið / If you could get any player you´d like from another ICELANDIC team, who?: Sveinn Elias Jonsson (captain of Thor) played with him at AUM and we played really well together.  I like his work ethic, never stops, good in possession and is always good for a goal.

Fyrsta verk ef þú yrðir formaður KSÍ / Your first action as chariman of Icelandic FA: Change the National Stadium and bring the fans closer to the pitch.


Fyrsta verk ef þú værir formaður Hugins / First action as chairman of Huginn: Increase Binni Skula’s pay.

Fallegasti knattspyrnumaðurinn í deildinni / Most handsome player in the division:  That has to be me really.  Maybe Kjartan Kartarnsson can push me a little now he has joined Leiknir F.

Fallegasta knattspyrnukonan / most beautiful female player:  After some brief internet searching it would have to be Hannah Wall.  She has a simple beauty about her.

Besti íþróttalýsandinn / best sports commentator:  G. Nev without a doubt.

Hver er mesti höstlerinn í liðinu / Huginns “Hustler”?:  No one really stands out but I’ll give it to Marko seeing as everyone knows what he has got up to this summer.

Uppáhalds staður á Íslandi / Favorite place in Iceland:  Seydisfjordur (when it’s sunny)

Uppáhalds staður á Seyðisfirði / favorite place in Seyðisfjörður: Any place that looks down onto the town or into the fjord.

Segðu okkur frá skemmtilegu atviki sem gerst hefur í leik / Tell us about something funny from a game:  When I played in America some of the Americans you come up against are very homophobic so if they try to annoy me I grab their penis and they freak out and don’t come near me the rest of the game… I’ve done it a few times.

Hvenær lékstu þinn fyrsta leik með meistaraflokki / when did you play your first game as a senior/grown-up: 15 for Shinewater AFC (don’t exist anymore)

Besta við að æfa fótbolta / best thing about football: Playing under floodlights in light rain and the ball pings around like art and making the perfect tackle.  I get more a kick out of that than scoring.

Hvenær vaknarðu á daginn / When do you wake up:  When my alarm goes off.

Fyrir utan knattspyrnu, fylgist þú með öðrum íþróttum / do you follow other sports?:  Cricket, some Boxing, Tennis, Athletics, Rugby and Darts over the winter.

Hvenær borgaðir þú þig síðast inn á knattspyrnuleik / When did you last pay to see a football game:  I can’t remember.  Been well over 5 years.

Í hvernig fótboltaskóm spilar þú / what kind of shoes do you play in?:  Adidas Preds


Í hverju varstu/ertu lélegastur í skóla / Your worst course in school:  Maths

Vandræðalegasta augnablik / most awkward moment:  I’m not going to say but I’m sure most can work it out.

Viltu deila með okkur einhverju leyndarmáli? / Any secret you want to share? : Marko has blocked up our drain in the shower with all his hair.  He might not have any on his head but he is like this missing link between ape and man everywhere else.  Every Serb I’ve met is like that.


Eitthvað að lokum? / Something you´d like to say at last?:  I appreciate the town and club for allowing me to play here.  Seydis and its people will always hold a special place for me. Afram Huginn!

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